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Photoshoot Flow Sub-Zero Suit, like new – UCI SINGLE POCKET

Designed for the unrelenting heat and humidity of the Tokyo Olympics. We’ve combined the Flow-suit’s raw speed with our Subzero range’s cooling effect. Our Flow-Subzero-suit utilizes a mix of ultra-breathable and wicking materials to keep you cool plus the added benefit of using our Subzero cool packs (or ice) for an extra cooling effect.

The Subzero cool packs (purchased separately) are aerodynamically shaped and sit behind the neck improving the interface of most aero helmets plus delivering a 15/20 min cooling boost (you heard it here first)! If you race in hot climates or suffer from overheating, this suit is for you.


  • Designed for Tokyo 2021
  • Increased performance in hot conditions.
  • Ergonomic TT cut, incorporating Subzero technology.
  • A mix of ultra-breathable and aero fabrics.
  • Optimally placed Trip seams.
  • UCI-compliant materials and design.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2 cm



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