FAQ Custom-Fit products

FAQs – Custom-Fit Products.

Q: “What do I do if I have already paid for a made to measure or 3D Fit suit before?”

A:  As long as you have not changed item type and you haven’t changed size then please select the ‘re-order’ option. Your new suit will be made exactly the same as your last.

Q: “I would like to alter my measurements on a previously purchased made to measure or 3D-Fit suit. Do I have to pay again?”

A:  If you have changed size, you’ll need a new bespoke pattern so you will need to pay again. Please download the M2M guide and send that to us or select the ‘3D-Fit’ option in the menu. Order forms should be sent to [email protected]

Q: “I would like to order a different skin suit to the one I ordered previously. You have my measurements which I do not want to change. Do I have to pay again?”

A:  A new suit style requires a new bespoke pattern to be created, so you’ll need to pay the ‘Custom Fit’ fee again. We can use your old measurements, or you can download the MTM guide and submit them again. If you have a scan on file and would like to use this, please select the ‘3D-Fit on file’ option.

Q: “My custom artwork is already on file, do I need to pay for the custom design option again?”

A: If your artwork is on file with us and it doesn’t require any updates or changes you can select the custom artwork reorder option and you won’t pay again. If you require updates or changes or the artwork isn’t on file you’ll need to pay again. To do this please select the ‘Bespoke Artwork’ option above.