Our Ranges


The Hypersonic range has been designed to make you as fast as possible! This product range was developed with Alex Dowsett to ensure no opportunity to reduce drag was missed. Wind tunnel tested and World Tour proven the Hypersonic skinsuits feature patented dual-layer systems and utilise the ultra-fast super stripe fabric. When it comes to the number pocket we cater for all cycling disciplines and you can choose the Speedpocket™ configuration that you need. If you want the fastest kit available here it is!


Fast not fashion! Designed for racing and not the cafe stop!  The Pro-1 Evo range has been developed with one aim; extraordinary performance at an accessable price. The range consists of everything you need to go fast both in racing and in training, it’s perfectly suited for serious racers looking to maximise their performance and get from A to B with minimum effort and in maximum comfort thanks to the Diamond  woven fabric on the arms making it super-slippy and the massively breathable Graphene enhanced fabric on the torso that keeps things dry and cool. The Pro-1 Evo range includes items such as road skinsuits, all-season (cross) skinsuits, speed suits, bib shorts and long and short-sleeved jerseys, and feature an aggressive race cut which is designed to fit you when in position on the bike and not when in the café queue. It’s very tight and some might think it’s ‘too small’ but it’s what many World Tour riders are using right now and it’s what you can use too!

ENDURANCE: (Club Only).

The Endurance range is a more ‘classic’ fit for the club rider who is happy to sacrifice a little performance for comfort and longevity. Featuring a more relaxed fit than the Pro-1 range across the jersey, Roubaix jersey and gilet to cater for the non-racers within the club. The lower half items (bib tights and shorts) have the same fit as the Pro-1 Evo range but feature improved longevity with solid fabric on the front and rear crotch areas to prevent wear. The Endurance range includes short and long-sleeved jerseys, bib-shorts and bib-tights, and leg warmers. Made entirely from Italian high-wicking, breathable and four-way stretch fabric, you can expect luxurious comfort for miles and miles. The ideal jersey for training and then chilling at the café afterwards.


The Sub-Zero range is the world’s best indoor-specific kit, designed for riders who take their e-racing and training seriously. The Sub-Zero race suit has been specifically designed for e-racing where live streaming requires a top to be worn. FreezePockets are located in the upper-mid and lower back area to actively reduce core temperature, allowing you to perform at your best for longer. The cooling packs (purchased separately) are interchangeable and can be easily swapped during your session to maintain the cooling advantage – each set is available with two sets of gel packs to give 40-60 mins of cooling at high intensity. The range uses ultra-lightweight and breathable fabrics which add to the cooling effect. The pad is also optimized for indoor riding and offers extra protection plus improved moisture management compared to those in standard bibs.

RACE DAY: (Club Only).

The Race Day range of casual clothing keeps you looking the part on race days before and after your event, or just chilling at home between training sessions. It’s a range of leisurewear items including a stretch T-shirt, baseball cap, pom-pom beanie, jogging pants, padded body warmer, leggings, hooded sweatshirt and padded jacket, all with your club’s logo heat-applied to the garment to make you stand out from the rest.


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