Custom Ranges


A complete range of kit designed to make you as fast as possible against the clock! We partnered with Aerocoach to make sure that no opportunity to reduce drag has been missed. The design and construction is incredibly complex and took us years to figure out, but if you want the fastest kit available, here it is.



Fast not fashion! Pro-1 has been developed with one aim, affordable performance. This range consists of everything you need to go fast both in racing and training, perfectly suited for serious racers looking to maximise their performance. Featuring an aggressive race cut, designed to fit you when in position on the bike and not when in the café queue.

*Please note that jersey’s are purposely cut high on the front when standing up.



A range for the club rider who is happy to sacrifice a little bit of performance for comfort and longevity. Featuring a more relaxed fit than our Pro-1 range across the jersey, Roubaix jersey and gilet to cater for the non-racers within the club.

Lower half items (bib tights and shorts) have the same fit as the Pro 1 range but feature improved longevity with solid fabric on the front and rear crotch areas to prevent wear.



The world’s best indoor specific kit, designed for riders who take their e racing / training seriously! Sub-Zero brings marginal gains to the indoor world, maximising performance in true Nopinz style. The range features ‘FreezePockets’ for replaceable frozen gel packs which are optimally placed in key “hot zones”. The gel packs help to keep your core temperature down, meaning less energy goes into heat regulation and more energy goes into producing watts!



The race day range keeps you looking the part on race days before and after your event. A range of leisurewear items with your club’s logo heat applied to the garment will make sure that your club is well represented at the race HQ.