Brand Story

Sometimes something small turns into something big.

We’re talking about ideas. Not acorns.

As a leading tester, Blake Pond already knew that his kit affected his speed.

Less drag means fewer watts wasted.  Simple as that.

So he couldn’t figure why people were pinning race numbers onto their skinsuits.

Pins makes holes in the expensive delicate fabric.

And numbers flap about making you less aero.

That’s why he set about developing what became the SpeedPocket.

The idea of enclosing the race number in a transparent pocket seemed obvious.

No pins? No brainer.

But it wasn’t so easy to execute.

The pocket needed to stick, to stretch, to wick.

To cope with the heat and humidity generated by an athlete working at full blast.

Solving the challenge took years.

No kidding.

It took the same relentless determination that made Blake an Elite racer.

No compromise

After a lot of trial-and-error and trips up-and-down the country.

A solution was found and the Nopinz SpeedWallet was born.

Job done? No chance

It needed to be guaranteed to stay put. No nasty surprises thank you

So we tested the adhesive with sprays on turbos and at local time trial races

Then we took samples to the National championships they were a big hit.

Even amongst more old-school RTTC members.

A 98% success. Good. But not good enough.

So we made it better.

The  Nopinz SpeedPocket was born, a permanent solution to the pinz problem.

When we tested the anti-drag effect in the wind tunnel at Southampton University.

The scientists were blown away.

With that endorsement the retro fit speed pocket was launched into the market.

Nopinz was starting to get noticed.

We worked with Lotto Jumbo and Bioracer  with Nopinz making its debut in the 2015 Tour De France.

No limits

We’d been working on a kitchen table and borrowing space at a friend’s factory.

But with growing demand we needed to scale-up.

We bought an industrial sewing machine and employed our first full-time seamstress.

Then we had another brainwave.

We realised we could make skinsuits better than most of those we were applying pockets to.

So we decided to do that.

Another no brainer.

And one thing leads to another.

We listen to customers and we know about the aerodynamics and the qualities of materials.

So we’ve moved beyond pockets and skinsuits.

We make Overshoes. Speed socks. Jackets. Bibs.  It’s becoming a big list.

Our customers don’t want to be flash. They want to be fast.

Everything we make is designed to reduce drag and improve performance.

And has to look good. No shit Sherlock.

Tailored for speed is our credo.

No slacking

Speed is the output that matters most to performance Athletes

Comfort and style matter too

And affordability.

We respect our customers and we don’t take them for a ride.

They know that Nopinz stands for great performance and great value.

And whilst we’ve grown bigger, we remain deeply rooted.

Not like a tree. Like a community.

We’re based in Barnstaple in Devon

But we work with clubs and cyclists up and down the country and abroad.

Testers. Roadies. Sportive competitors and triathletes.

Demanding, discerning athletes. People like us.

We design and make kit that’s fit for speed and fit for purpose

High-performance kit that gives you the edge.

Tailored for speed.

From the pocket to the whole package.


Nopinz No Brainer.