At Nopinz we are passionate about becoming more sustainable and kinder to the planet. We believe as a business we have a responsibility to do our bit to reduce our footprint giving customers piece of mind when they purchase from us.  Afterall, we want to protect the countryside we love cycling in.


ZERO TO LANDFILL – We are now proud to say we are zero to landfill, we recycle all material left over from our manufacturing process and our waste is used to fuel our local marine base


RECYCLING KIT– In our efforts to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, we donate kit to a charity called The Bike Network, who support the cancer community by supplying cycle equipment to patients, survivors and their direct family members. Get in touch if you have any old kit or bike parts which you no longer use: The Bike Network – Supporting Cancer Patients, Survivors and Their Families


PLASTIC FREE – We are introducing home compostable mailing bags in efforts to reduce the use of plastic with the aim to become completely plastic free on all packaging


SOURCING FABRIC FROM SUSTAINABLE SUPPLIERS – working towards using more recycled fabric where possible and using chemicals with lower environmental impact. Our fabric supplier has Implemented UNI EN ISO 14001


Powered by Renewable Energy – we use 100% green energy in our factory, with all electricity coming from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water.