Custom-Fit Hypersonic Speedsuit Men’s

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Please select how you will send your measurements to us. The self measure option requires you to download and fill in the order form at home. The 3D-Fit option requires you to come to our HQ for a scan. Click the download button to download the form.



The all-new Hypersonic TT skinsuit has been specifically designed to be paired with our new Hypersonic base layer. 

The specially selected fabrics of the Hypersonic suit are denser than standard fabrics and feature a close-knit weave, this leads to a flatter surface with less air penetration between the yarns. Our well-known Speedscalez fabric is used for the shorts and offers aero-enhancing properties.

The Hypersonic base layer (not included) adds texture where it matters plus a specifically placed trip seam to disrupt the airflow over the lower back and further enhance aerodynamics.

When compared to the Flow-suit, the Hypersonic combination provides drag savings of up to 11 – 19 watts.

Please click on the “aero–data” modal for a full breakdown of watt savings and testing methods.

The Hypersonic base layer is purchased separately HERE


  • Our fastest-ever TT suit.
  • Designed specifically to be worn in conjunction with the Hypersonic base layer.
  • Increased performance from 40-65kph.
  • Ergonomic TT Cut.
  • 11-19w saving over the Flow Suit @49kph.
  • UCI-compliant materials and design.
  • Available with a range of Speedpockets™ to suit your cycling discipline.


Please follow the below steps to complete your made-to-measure order:

  1. Download the made-to-measure order form (male or female), complete and return it to us by email: [email protected].
  2. One of our team members will be in touch to confirm receipt of your measurements and check any queries.
  3. Made-to-measure garments will take approximately 35 working days to create and deliver.



Q: “What do I do if I have already paid for a made-to-measure suit before?”

A: As long as you have not changed the item or changed size, please select the ‘re-order’ option and your new suit will be made the same as your last.

Q: “I would like to alter my measurements on a previously purchased made-to-measure suit. Do I have to pay again?”

A: If you have changed size, you’ll need a new suit pattern so will need to pay again. Please download the measuring guide and send that to us.

Q: “I would like to order a different skinsuit to the one I had previously. You already have my measurements which I do not want to change. Do I have to pay again?”

A:  A new suit style requires a new bespoke pattern to be created, so you’ll need to pay the MTM fee again. We can use your old measurements, or you can download the MTM guide and submit them again.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 5 cm

Custom-Fit, Custom-Fit Reorder


Artwork on file, Bespoke Artwork, Black, White


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